Friday, May 23, 2008

Back at Last!

I am so sorry that I have missed quite a few posts. I keep forgetting the days and even when I tried to schedule the last one it didn't work for me. However, I am going to do it again and hope that it works.

My current Regency with HMB is The Unknown Heir. The next will be The Homeless Heiress, which is out in hardback this month and paperback July. The titles sound similar but the books are not related. I am currently working on a new Regency trilogy but there is another single title later in the year.I have been trying to finish The Diary of A Regency Lady. It is getting there and next time I post I hope to tell you that it is up at my story blog. The best way to get into my blogs is to visit my website and just click on the blog you want.

I am also writing the third in a saga series, part of which takes place in WWII and I've just finished an Anne Herries saga trilogy - which may explain why I forget blog dates and haven't yet finished the diary. I will finish it eventually, but the publishers keep asking for more books and I think that is what my readers truly want - but I will get there!

Love to you all, Anne Herries/Linda Sole

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