Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ups and Downs

I felt terrific on Friday as I actually reached the final pages of my current book, Wild Justice Now all that remains is a final edit, which will take me about a week, then off it goes to my agent. The moment I have posted it, everything I could have done differently/better will flutter in my head like demented butterflies until I receive her reaction. But I won't have time to sit and fret, as my next immediate task is to produce a blurb for the book jacket. It's fun but demanding, given the enormous competition, to try and write a paragraph that gives a flavour of the story, catches a browser's attention and persuades them this is a book they really want to read - all in 120 words or less.
After that I put together a package of photos of locations and/or properties that appear in the book, plus a brief physical description of my two main characters. This is for the cover artist. So far so good.
But yesterday at lunchtime I phoned the self-service banking dept of my bank for a balance and realised something was wrong. Further investigation revealed I had become another rising statistic - my card had been cloned and my account almost emptied. As this had happened to my husband nine months ago I knew what to do. I know I'll get the money back, and should receive a new card in about a week, but I'm still furious.
Any weeds in our garden won't know what hit them when I get out there today.

Jane Jackson.

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