Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Audio Release

The Loveday Secrets is now available in CD or tape format from Soundings. Seeing our novels in print is always a thrill but to hear an experienced actor reading the story is amazing.

When long lost cousin and ne'er-do-well Tristan Loveday returns to Cornwall, his presence sends shockwaves around the family. Tristan holds the key to more than one secret that could destroy everything the Lovedays hold dear. And he has a deadly score to settle with a member of the family whom he believes betrayed him.

It seems everyone has something to hide - even Adam Loveday's wife Senara. Now a respected member of the community, she fears a shadow from her past could bring about her downfall. Unless he overcomes his demons Adam's twin brother St John risks losing all he owns, and in London Georganna Loveday is hiding a scandalous secret.

As tensions rise and lies are uncovered, the cracks begin to show. And before the summer is over, lives will be irrevocably changed forever.

The Loveday Secrets is also out in hardback.

Kate Tremayne


Anonymous said...

Jane said...
Wow! What a story, Kate. I love reading the books. But sometimes, actually hearing the story, especially if read by someone who understands the characters (and gets the accent right!) makes it even more immediate and gripping.
I'm sure this version will be hugely appealing to people whose sight limits the amount of reading they can do, or those who love to listen while driving.

kate tremayne said...

Thanks for the wonderful comments Jane. Hearing it live is like listening to a radio play which lasts for twelve and half hours. Good job there are 12 discs or tapes for managable segments.