Saturday, September 06, 2008

Henry Tilney's Diary - Part 6: beginnings

I've been thinking a lot about beginnings lately as I'm at the beginning of Henry Tilney's Diary. In modern novels writers are often advised to begin the book at a moment of change and I thought about where Jane Austen's novels begin.

Pride and Prejudice - begins when Bingley and Darcy move to the area.
Sense and Sensibility - begins when Mr Dashwood dies.
Persuasion - begins when Wentworth returns to the area after a long absence
Mansfield Park - begins when Fanny arrives at Mansfield Park
Emma - begins with Mrs Weston's marriage
Northanger Abbey - begins with Catherine going to Bath.

In other words, they all start at a moment of change.
This is probably another reason why the books seem so modern and are still enjoyed today.


Tracy said...

Hi Amanda! I love reading your entries about the writing of Henry's diary-- it's so interesting to see what goes into writing something like this!

I just have a question-- do you have any idea at all as to when Colonel Brandon's diary is coming out in the US? I'm dying to know as Brandon's my favorite Austen hero and I am but a poor student who can't afford for the book to be shipped stateside :)

Amanda said...

Hi Tracy,
Col Brandon's Diary is scheduled for release in July 2009 in the US.

If you can't wait you could see if your local library has it as libraries often have my books.

Or you could try The Book Depository as they will ship the book free worldwide

Hope this helps!

tracy said...

Thanks, Amanda! It seems I might just have to wait until July, as I've checked the libraries around here and I don't believe they would have it if it's from the UK. Oh well!

Best of luck with Henry's diary! Hope to read them all when I can! I also love the idea of the Mr. Bennet and Edward Ferrars diaries you mentioned in one of these posts.