Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Love Is Not Enough

I received copies of my audio book last month, when it came out but couldn't find it on the web. Then, recently, finding it on amazon I discovered that it was either temporarily out of stock or out of print. I am not sure whethere to be pleased that it has sold quickly or disappointed that not enough CDs were made. I should have liked to buy extra copies but the second book Love & War/Anne Herries /Severn House is also being done in audio so perhaps they will do a few more copies of that one?

The third book Forbidden Love comes out in December. Fingers crossed this also gets an audio - and that they all sell!

Trial By Fire came out in early September in ebook. This is a historical timeslip and was fun to write. I have just finished my latest HMB book and now await the final verdict.

I love the cover of the audio, what does everyone else think?
I may have some exciting news soon but it isn't certain yet.


Historical Romance Author said...

Anne- love the cover. It seems you are a a prolific writier as I am.

Melinda Hammond said...

I think all the covers are super, Anne. You are such a prolific writer.

And be positive - congratulations on a sell-out!