Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Regency Speak?

This month I thought I'd post something a little different - set a challenge to see how much Regency cant/ language you understand. The question mark in the title is because Georgette Heyer is thought to have invented quite a few of hers, although Regency writers and readers have adopted them as factual. Not all of these are hers - most come from the great Jane Austen.
Try the quiz and then check answers at the bottom of the page.
No cheating - let me know how well you did. There were a few I didn't know.
1. top-heavy                                                                       a. chimney sweep
2. try to break someone's shins                                            b. horse
3. vowels                                                                            c. illigitmate children
4.bender                                                                             d. drunk
5. buffer                                                                              e. short jacket
6.crib                                                                                  f. bright and lively
7. flue faker                                                                         g.coat
8. prad                                                                      
9. prig                                                                                 i. blush
10. stumping it                                                                     j. gossip
12.shoot the crow                                                               k. borrow money
13.on-dit                                                                             l.sixpence
14. flying one's colours                                              
15.corky                                                                             n.thief
16.reticule                                                                           o. mad
17.pelisse                                                                            p. walking
18.spencer                                                                          q. leave without paying
19.dicked in the nob                                                            r.purse
20. side-slips                                                                       s.I.O.Us

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best wishes

(s3, r16,q12, p10,o19,n9,m5,l4,k2,j13,i14,h6,g17,f15,e18,d1,c20,b8,a7)


Helena said...

I didn't know two. Not bad!! It's a fun quiz, thanks. And thank you also for letting us know about your book: duly purchased!

Fenella J Miller said...
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Fenella J Miller said...

Helena, the two I didn't know were the 'shin' one and 'bender'.
thanks for buying my book.