Thursday, March 16, 2006

Regency Author

This is a short post just to introduce myself, and to see if I can actually manage to blog, as I have never tried before. My name is Linda Sole and I write as Anne Herries for HMB. I write historicals in general but have done several Regency stories. A Damnable Rogue won the RNA Romance prize in 2004 and that was a huge thrill. Since then I have written a Regency called A Wicked Lady which was published as a Mother's Day double book last year. I am now finishing a Regency trilogy, the first of which should be out in October, I think. I have written three Georgian novels for Severn House, but they are very different from the HMB books.

Anyway, I hope to post a picture for you here. If this is successful I will be back with a more interesting post for you. Love, from Linda S

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Anonymous said...

Linda, the post looks great. Welcome aboard!