Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Journal of a Regency Lady

April 11th
Papa gave me fifty pounds for my pin money and a beautiful set of pearls that had belonged to his own Mama when she was a girl. 'Your grandmother wanted you to have these for your come out, Anne. She would have been proud to see you wear them.'
'Papa! you are so good to me!' I cried. I was overwhelmed when i saw that the box contained not only a string of creamy pearls but also eardrops and a bangle set with pearsl and a tiara for my hair. 'These are wonderful. I do not know how to thank you.'

'You must behave properly as you always do,' he said with a smile 'and then I shall need no thanks.'

I kissed him and he gave me one of his special hugs. When I showed Rosie my treasures later, she was a little envious, but I gave her the seed pearl necklace that Mama had once given me and she kissed me and said I was the best of sister.

Paul told me that he will miss me when I go to London, but some of his friends have started to call and he is able to walk out with them, though he cannot yet ride his horse. I believe Mr Symonds brought his sister Hester to call this morning and Paul seemed to like her. Perhaps she will visit him more often when I am away.

April 30th
Tomorrow we go to London. Our trunks are packed and we had our friends to dinner yesterday evening, because it may be some weeks before we are home again. I wish Paul and Papa could come with us, but they are quite happy to stay at home, and of course Rosie is too young to come out yet. I have promised to write and tell her everything.

Paul is having visitors all the time. He is so much better and it seems a long time ago when we all thought he might die. He says that he thinks Hester Symonds is a very good sort of girl. I wonder what he means?

What shall I have to tell you, dear journal, next time I am able to write?

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