Monday, August 28, 2006

Nearly finished LOVING LUCY!

For the past six months, my newsletter has had an 'episode' of a previously unpublished story. I wanted to give LOVING LUCY an airing, and what do you know, they loved it!

I think it was a good idea to do it in episodes. It's given everybody something to look forward to and the members have seemed to enjoy it.

But I can't do it again, I don't think, it takes a lot of time and effort to write a book, well it does for me, anyway. So when we've finished the serialisation, I'm going to get a pdf copy of the book done and lodge it in the archives for any new members to pick up when they join. It does mean that new members can still get a copy of the book!

Here's a bit from the first chapter. Lucy has a journey to make, and this scene is before her troubles really begin:

Lady Lucy Moore looked about her with great satisfaction. Almack’s on a Wednesday, the night devoted to the cream of society. Still one of the queens of the fashionable world at four and twenty, surrounded by devoted admirers and close friends, she knew life didn’t get much better than this. Her main attraction of fortune proved irresistible to most people, and while Lucy was shrewd enough to know it, she was also not above enjoying it.

Her mother, the dowager Lady Royston, was suffused with a similar feeling as she watched her only daughter manage her coterie of admirers. Turning to her sister and closest companion, Miss Honoria Simonson, she murmured, “Do you think Lucy shows a preference for anyone yet?”

Miss Simonson studied Lucy for a moment before turning back to her benefactress. “I don’t think so, ma’am but she seems very taken with one or two of them. She has such pretty manners it’s hard to tell.”

Lady Royston nodded, smiling a little for the benefit of any onlookers. “I’m determined not to allow her to fall into the hands of anyone who can’t control her properly.”

Miss Simonson nodded in agreement. “Her future husband must be willing to take great care of her,” she remarked, tight lipped. “Such a sweet girl deserves to be cherished.” She sincerely believed Lucy had more to offer than fortune. Miss Simonson had overseen much of the upbringing of her niece, especially when her sister had been too fatigued to cope with the high spirits of a young girl. She feared that Lucy still showed her spirits a trifle too much on occasion, but she trusted that the man who eventually breached not only Lucy’s defences, but also those of her mother and aunt, would be able to control that. She was confident that Lucy would make some man a fine wife one day, but she had a little way to go before that day was reached.

She watched while Lucy lowered black lashes over clear, blue eyes and then lifted them again, looking straight at the gentleman who was presently complimenting her. It had the desired effect, and the gentleman’s smile became considerably warmer. Lucy would never lack for suitors, with or without her fortune, and she was still young enough to enjoy her ability to charm. While not a Beauty, she had the attraction of liveliness, and her face and figure were good.

A movement made Miss Simonson look up to see who was striding towards her niece and her sharp features softened when she saw it was Sir Geoffrey Sanders. She always had a penchant for a well turned out figure, and Sir Geoffrey had that in spades. His coat and breeches fitted him to perfection, outlining the strong shoulders and powerful legs underneath, and his smile when Lucy looked up at him lit his stern, dark features into positive affability. Her welcoming smile was warm, but no more than for anyone else. Lucy might be castigated as high spirited in some circles, but her society manners were impeccable.

“I think the orchestra is about to strike up.” His voice cut through the babel surrounding her with no difficulty. “My dance, I think?”

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