Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Homeless Heiress

My latest Regency romance is The Homeless Heiress/Anne Herries/HMB. I didn't like the cover for this one as much as some of my others but it seems to appeal to readers. I am still working on my latest Regency trilogy but the third book is under way now and should be finished in a couple of weeks, which is just as well as the deadline is August.

We haven't had many period films on the TV recently, which is a shame. It seemed that we had a run of them for a couple of years or so. I hope they will do something for the winter.

This last weekend I watched the finals at Wimbledon and I must say that I thought Nadal would make a super hero for a Regency romance. That long hair tied back and in the right clothes....This is a game I play all the time when watching sport or other programmes, choosing men I think would look good on the cover of my next book. Mind you, he might be even better as the pirate I am thinking of writing about soon!

It was a wonderful final and there's nothing much to watch on TV now that the tennis and Doctor Who are over. We really need some good period films.

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