Monday, July 28, 2008

Richard and Rose

I'm delighted to announce that the Richard and Rose series has been signed to Samhain.
Richard and Rose was the first series I ever sold, way back in the days of NBI, and it's very different to anything I've written since.
For a start, the series is in the first person. A strange experience. It was as if Rose was standing just behind me, telling me the stories in her distinctive voice, very different to mine. Deeper than my voice, stronger, although she does have a sexy whisper!
I know it's just me (well nearly!). But after years and years of research, just because I loved the Georgian era, I didn't have to think about what she'd do if... or how she'd react when... She just did, and she did it in character.
The whole series is about one couple. Each book has an ending, but if you want to, you can read what happened to them next. That was a reaction to the soap operas on TV! I got tired of couples who fell in love, married, had affairs, split, all because the writers of said soap operas got more drama from manipulating these poor people around. I wanted to show that a successful relationship has a lot of work behind it, and it changes with circumstances, sometimes for the better.
I have to admit, that was drawn from real life. Mine. I've been with the same man for a very long time, married to him for twenty years. We had our bad times, our good, but looking back, when we decided to work at our relationship instead of walking away, it led to a deeper understanding and a stronger bond.
Richard and Rose are always in love but sometimes circumstances strain them. They work through it, and they get better and stronger.
Sometimes romance is just like real life.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post, Lynne. I am so glad this series is being published by Samhain for you. Good luck with it.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new signing, Lynne.

Wishing you the success you so richly deserve,