Friday, September 19, 2008

Joined Up Plotting

My latest project, which I’m thrilled about, is a Regency continuity for Mills & Boon consisting of eight books by six authors. I am lucky enough to be writing numbers one and seven and the series will be out in 2010.
My five co-authors are Annie Burrows, Julia Justiss, Margaret McPhee, Christine Merrill and Gayle Wilson, and it has been fascinating getting to know all of them. I had only met one of them briefly and three of us are scattered across the UK and three are in the US, so the opportunities for sitting down and discussing things over a nice cup of tea are limited!
It is too early to be able to give any details, but the overarching plot is full of mystery and scandal and working out all the details to make certain we can run the themes seamlessly through eight very different books is certainly a challenge – my desk is awash with family trees, spreadsheets and timelines.
I would love to know what people’s views are on continuities, either as readers or authors – all hints and tips gratefully received!
Louise Allen


juliemt said...

I adore the M&B continuity series! I am currently enjoying the Brides of Penhally Bay series, being published in Medical Romance, and I am thrilled that in 2010, M&B will be doing something similiar with Historicals.

I'm a fan of all the writers mentioned and I'm so pleased that the wonderful Gayle Wilson is returning to Historical Romance.She's been sorely missed.

Anonymous said...

Jane said...

What a fascinating opportunity, Louise. When we did our own continuity story last Christmas here on the blog I found it fascinating to see how other authors picked up the threads and developed them further, sometimes in quite unexpected ways. Wishing you and the other authors every success and huge sales.

Linda Banche said...

I love all these authors and I can't wait for the books.

Anonymous said...

I am really looking forward to this series - I have no doubt it will be superb and can't wait to read it - I shall enjoy the different styles!