Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What if...........

Wouldn't it be nice to believe that an unhappy love affair could be resolved in some future life? This was my premise when writing Moonshadows, my new e-book out this week with Samhain Publishing.

I love stories about rakish heroes reformed by the love of a good woman - I've written quite a few myself, but I have always been troubled by "what if". What if my eighteenth century heroine could not disregard her strict upbringing, what if she could never bring herself to admit her love for the hero, and what if my hero and heroine could not find lasting happiness in one lifetime? I decided to explore this, but couldn't bring myself to end the story on an unhappy note, so I decided to give my hero and heroine a second chance, to let them "live again" in another time. So we have Richard, Lord Cordeaux: a typical Georgian rake who is used to getting his own way. He meets his match in Sarah Methven, the quiet, gentle daughter of a preacher. Sarah's strong principles lead her to resist all Richard's attempts to win her, despite her love for him.

It is difficult for many of us today to realise just how important religion was to our ancestors. Even in the "enlightened" eighteenth century, eternal damnation was a real fear for many and Sarah truly believes that Richard is in danger of losing his soul. She is convinced there can be no happy ending for them. By contrast, my modern day heroine, Jez Skelton is a typical career girl. She may not have the religious convictions of her distant relative but she has equally strong notions of what is right and wrong, and there is no place in her ordered life for the devastatingly attractive Piers Cordeaux.

The stories of these two couples are interwoven in Moonshadows. Can there be any sort of happy ending? Well, you'll just have to read it and see!

Melinda Hammond.

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I've just read this Melinda and I thought it was fantastic.