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A Spy at Pemberley - A Jane Austen variation.

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A Spy at Pemberley is the final book in the 'At Pemberley' series. Darcy and Lizzy have been married for some time and their union is going through troubled times. This is bought to a head when Caroline Bingley, who always had designs on Darcy, arrives unexpectedly. 
If having Darcy’s old flame under her roof wasn’t enough for Lizzy to contend with Colonel Fitzwilliam, an intelligence officer, arrives also. However, this isn’t a purely social call as he needs Darcy’s assistance to entrap two spies who are passing secrets to the French. Against her better judgment Lizzy is drawn into this dangerous escapade and asked to invite the suspects to a house party at Pemberley. 
As Lizzy and Darcy dash from Pemberley to London and back again they not only unmask the traitors but rekindle the spark that brought them together all those summers ago.

Writing a series is the done thing nowadays. Trad publishers want them and so do readers. I've completed two WW2 series, one Victorian and this Regency Jane Austen liked one. I've written two of a six book series - The Duke's Alliance - the third will be out next January. I'm halfway through writing the first book in a three book WW2 series about a female ATA pilot. I've only written one single title this year - the Christmas story for the next Regency Romantics box set. 
It was even more difficult doing a series with someone else's characters. I enjoyed writing four books linked to Pride & Prejudice but am glad to be saying goodbye to them now. Every Jane Austen fan has their own interpretation of the story and the character - I was told that 'Jane wouldn't have done that'. This was my Jane and she could do whatever I wanted.
I love the cover by J D Smith - I'm sure her designs  help to sell my books.
Fenella J Miller

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