Saturday, March 17, 2007

Guest blogger - Jean Fullerton

We're delighted to welcome Jean Fullerton to the blog. Anyone who loves the Pirates of the Caribbean films will love Jean's new book, Cutlasses and Caresses.

Over to you, Jean.

"Thank you! I have always loved stories about pirates and the romance of the open sea in a sailing ship. Of course there are the men. I mean what wouldn’t you love about a man in long black boots, tight breeches and an open fronted shirt? More seriously, the idea for Cutlasses and Caresses came from an article in the BBC History magazine.

All the settings of my books are real. I put a lot of time and effort into researching all aspects of my stories. One of the joys of being a historical writer is that I get to delve into the past. For instance, although Cutlasses and Caresses is a work of fiction, I have based it very much on fact and spent a great deal of time researching the details to weave around Nathan and Prudence’s story. It's a romp set in the Pirate capital of Port Royal, Jamaica, during the volatile 1680’s, and it centres around the sensual romance between Prudence Stone, a minister’s niece in search of her kidnapped fiancĂ©, and Nathan Frazer, who is in the Caribbean for a very different reason . . .

Port Royal which is where most of Cutlasses and Caresses is set, actual existed and was just as debauched and lawless as I portray it. The brothel, The Two Puddings, where Prudence stays is fictitious but the Mermaid tavern also mentioned was notorious for its riotous behaviour and in a town like Port Royal that was no mean feat! If you go to Jamaica today, however, there is not much left of it because on the 7th July 1692, a year after Cutlasses and Caresses, is set, 90% of the town disappeared under the sea as a result of a massive earth quake. Some said it was the hand of God punishing the town for its wickedness.

You can read the first chapter of Cutlasses and Caresses on my website by clicking here and you can buy it from Triskelion by clicking here

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Thanks, Jean! Cutlasses and Caresses sounds like a must read for anyone who loves pirates or a well researched historical romance.


Anonymous said...

You can read a review of Jean's book on
It is a lovely book! Anne

Melinda said...

Facinating, Jean! Well done - I love pirate stories and look forward to reading this one!