Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Northanger Abbey

I am very much enjoying this series of Jane Austen's books. I thought Mansfield Park was romantic but it did differ from the book quite a bit and was not quite up to the standard of previous films. However, this book has not been filmed so often and there wasn't a really good one to compare it to so perhaps that is why I found it so enjoyable. The scenes that depicted Catherine's wild dreams were very good indeed, and I liked the hero. He portrayed a nice balance between the teasing hero and the serious gentleman. So I would give this one nine out of ten, even though the purists might not. It was very watchable and I look forward to seeing the others in this series. I wonder if they will attempt Pride & Prejudice? I think that will be difficult because there have been several versions and the BBc series would be difficult to match in a short film. That is still the outstanding production in my opinion.
Anne Herries


Kate Allan said...

I really enjoyed it and the actor who played the hero was wonderful.

Melinda said...

I think that Andrew Davis is very good at capturing the spirit of Jane Austen's books. I thoroughly enjoyed this version of Northanger Abbey: JA was making fun of the gothic romances that were so popular at the time, and it captures that perfectly.