Tuesday, March 27, 2007

If I have been quiet...

... it is because there has not been much going on to talk about! However, I received my author copies of the large print version of my Regency romantic comedy Perfidy and Perfection and so you can see the cover here. Like it? I do.

I've been working since before Christmas on a tale set in Cornwall at the end of the 18th century involving smugglers. I've also been revising an adventure story I hope to have ready sortly, and I'm really struggling to think of a title for, so the smugglers have been set aside for now until that is complete. In July Linford Romance will be publishing the very first complete novel I ever wrote, The Restless Heart and I'm looking forward to see what the cover is like, as their cover for Fateful Deception was wonderful.

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Melinda said...

Wow, Kate, you have been busy. Love the large print cover for P&P (that's Perfidy & Perfection, not the OTHER P&P, of course!)

Keep up the good work.