Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Bittersweet Proposal

My fifth Regency romance, A Bittersweet Proposal, is to be published by Robert Hale in June. The book follows the fortunes of Harriet Aston, who is struggling to keep her family's cider production business profitable following the recent death of her father. Under the unusual tenancy arrangements agreed upon with Lord Rothwell before Harriet was born, her family is entitled to reside at Matlock House rent free provided the business shows an annual profit.

Since her father's demise one misfortune after another has befallen Harriet and she urgently needs to reassure the new Lord Rothwell, reputed to be a callous individual, that she will soon set matters to rights. But he ignores all her missives and Harriet fears that her family will soon be without a roof over its head.

A Bittersweet Proposal is set in Kent and I recently received the artwork from Hale for the jacket design. I'm very pleased with their proposal as I feel it captures the essence of the story very well. It shows Harriet in the background picking apples and although she's wearing a gown, whereas I usually have her clad in breeches during her working days, I am still happy with the overall depiction.

What do you think?

Wendy Soliman


Historical Romance Author said...

This is the same artist I have, David Young, I think his landscapes are always excellent. I love it. It looks like one of mine:-)

Melinda said...

It is a lovely cover, Wendy - something quite wistful about it. As I grew up in the West Country I have a fondness for the cider industry (and the cider, of course) and I look forward to the book's publication.

Melinda Hammond

Anonymous said...

Your book sounds really good. I'm looking forward to reading it.