Thursday, February 21, 2008

It has been a busy month!

Yesterday, I went to the RNA Cambridge Chapter meeting and met with some fellow authors, two of whom were fellow Mills & Boon authors. Havin already been to two other writing funtions this has been exceptional for me as I spend most of my time at the computer as a rule.

My new Regency for Amira Press seems to be selling reasonably well in ebook format and should be out in print soon. My first Regency for Mills and Boon this year is coming out in April. The Unknown Heir/Anne Herries. It will be followed by The Homeless Heiress and then the dynasty books will begin.

I am very much looking forward to this series, which will progress from the the Wars of The Roses down through the Ages to the WW11 hopefully. This is what we have planned and I was particularly asked if I was going to continue it at the RNA luncheon so my editors are keen. I have written the first three. Forbidden Lady was published in USA last year and The Lord's Forced Bride comes out very soon there too.

I have received good reviews for Love Is Not Enough/Anne Herries/Severn House. This is the first of a series and my editor thinks it is an exciting series!

Update to the above.
A shameful Secret/Anne Ireland/amira Press went to number one in the Amira Press section of Fictionwise and number two in the overall Historical Fiction section, just under Ken follet and above Bernard Cornwall. It has now dropped one place but it was there!

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