Saturday, February 02, 2008


When we have a book published we have to let people know about it. Posting the news in a blog like this is one of the ways. But there are others. I'm very fortunate to have a pal who runs his own Public Relations company. So each time a new book of mine is published, I invite him over, feed him coffee and home-made cake, and give him as much information as possible about the book's background, the characters, what prompted me to write that story, the fascinating bits of research I uncovered, etc. then leave it to him to pick what he thinks will make the most attention-grabbing press release.

Another excellent form of publicity is local radio. But this is far more nerve-wracking! Publication day for Devil's Prize was Thursday 31st of January. Donna Birrell from BBC Radio Cornwall came over to my house in the morning to do a pre-recorded interview about the book. (I fed her coffee and home-made cake too!) We ended up chatting for an hour, and she phoned me the following day to say that she had so much material she was making two shorter interviews out of it instead of one long one, to be broadcast on her afternoon show after 2.30pm on Wednesday and Thursday the 6th and 7th of February. I was delighted, pleased that I had come across well, and hugely relieved that it was all over!
If you'd like to hear the interviews, you can listen live on-line. Just go to:

Jane Jackson. Devil's Prize, published by Robert Hale. Available from


Melinda Hammond said...

Well done, Jane and good luck with the book. I shall try to listen to your broadcast - pity we can't share the home-made cake as well!
Melinda Hammond

Anonymous said...

Jane said...

Thanks, Melinda. If you - or anyone else - would like the recipe for my apple, ginger and walnut buns just let me know!