Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ladies indulge yourself.

BBC4 Double bill Pride & Prejudice 7.10-9pm Saturday 16 February

Indulge yourselves tonight ladies.Guard the remote control with your life. Put your feet up on the sofa with a glass of wine, a box of chocolates, even the smelling salts if you are the swooning type. Tonight is the night for the most memorable scene of all. For those who missed the first two episodes last week, this is the definitely the week to watch as Darcy not only declares his feelings for Elizabeth but goes for that swim…..

Meanwhile back in our world I was excited to receive the cover for The Loveday Secrets due out in hardback in May. I love the evocative background with the waterfall and moor. Headline have again come up with that magical touch.

This is book nine in the series and when a friend asked me if it was difficult to come up with fresh ideas for the plots when you know the characters so well I came back with I did not know their secrets. And then I realised that no matter how well you know your own family and friends they can always surprise us with a revelation from their past . How often has dear Aunt Ethel said something tantalisingly intriguing about a family member and when questioned remarked ‘we do not talk about that.’ I could not wait to discover these aspects of my fictional character and found it the most fascinating book of the series to write.

A family as tempestuous as the Lovedays has many dangerous secrets…

Kate Tremayne


Mandy said...

I love the waterfall in this cover - it looks as though Colin Firth has just stepped out of it!

Gillian Layne said...

I agree, the cover is stunning.

Actually, I've been noticing the authors on this blog seemed to have cornered the market on fabulous covers.

Anonymous said...

Jane said...

A fabulous cover, Kate.

Historical Romance Author said...

Thank you for all you kind comments on the cover. A good cover is marvellous for an author's morale and I have had my share of dud's in my twenty years of being published with various companies. Headline has a great reputation for good covers.
Kate Tremayne