Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Dissembler- cover finally arrived!!

At last! After waiting so long the finished cover for my new book 'A DISSEMBLER' - out at the end of the month - has arrived. I love it- it's by the same artist as my first book- 'THE UNCONVENTIONAL MISS WALTERS'- and Mr Hale has said that, in future, I can keep this artist, David Young. I sent Victorian photographs of the actual places where the book is set and he worked from these.
I have already sent photographs of St Osyth Priory, where the second in the Great Bentley trilogy is set. 'THE MESALLIANCE' was sold to Hale in May and is not due out until February 2007. I have not seen any roughs for this cover yet- in fact I've not even had the copy edits. I shall post the cover as soon as it comes.
Fenella Miller

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Kate Allan said...

Lovely cover!