Thursday, July 03, 2008

Colonel Brandon's Diary

I'm just dropping in to show you the beautiful cover for Colonel Brandon's Diary, which is out on July 31st. It shows him as a young man, before he met Marianne Dashwood and his world was changed for ever . . .


Rita Gerlach said...

I love this cover. So romantic and such a handsome portrait.

I've added a link to the HB UK blog in the July issue of Stepping Stones Magazine for Writers.

Anonymous said...

Lovely portrait! Any idea who it was (in reality)? I admit I've always had a soft spot for Col. Brandon. Definitely one of my favourite Austen characters. :)

Anonymous said...

The cover's taken from a portrait of Jean-Baptiste Isabey (1767-1855) and his Daughter, Alexandrine (1791-1871), which was painted in 1795 by Francois Gerard.

I wanted to use this portrait in particular because the full picture shows him with a little girl and I think it works very well as an image of a young Brandon with his ward, the little Eliza.

You can find out more about it,
including a picture of the full portrait, on a previous blog post at