Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Reluctant Bride

This has been an interesting week for me. Copies of my seventh book for Robert Hale, The House Party, arrived when I was out and had to be collected from a distant Post Office. The box was battered, but luckily the books inside were undamaged. The next day postcards to use for publicity, which I hadn't ordered, arrived from Hale.
The following morning a second parcel arrived this time from D C Thomson. Puzzled I opened this- I knew I had a novella coming out in September, but this was very early for my author copies. I undid the parcel to find eight copies of A Reluctant Bride; I had totally forgotten about this Regency -in fact thought it wasn't due out until sometime next year.
It is now available at Tesco,and W H Smith and no doubt other supermarkets. It is also going up on www.regencyreads in the next couple of weeks.
So, two books out in July - and three more coming later in the year. This will make five new titles and two Large Print coming out in 2008. I shall have to keep busy if I'm going to match that next year!
Fenella Miller


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Fenella, your output is astonishing! Good luck with the novella.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely surprise for you Fenella. Good luck with them all - you will have to give up sleeping if you are going to write as well as do all the publicity for these books!

Well done and good luck


Historical Romance Author said...

Congratulations Fenella a fabulous year for you when all your hard work has come to fruiton. This is an exciting time for you. I am sure your news will inspire many.