Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Is this a first?

I had a very nice surprise in the post this morning when my author copies of the Hebrew edition of Mr Darcy's Diary arrived. It's the first time one of my books has gone into a foreign language and so I'm very excited about it. Which made me wonder, is it the first Austen related novel to go into Hebrew? If anyone knows of any others I'd be interested to hear about it.

I wanted to post a picture of the cover, which is very attractive, but unfortunately my computer was hit by a virus recently and now I can't scan anything. But if I can manage to get a cover pic somehow I'll post it for you. I'm also trying to find out whether the book will be available online and if so I'll post details.

What an exciting start to the new year! I hope that your new year has started as well and that it will be a fantastic time for all our readers.

Amanda Grange


Jane Odiwe said...

Congratulations Amanda - how exciting!


Anonymous said...

Don't know if there are any other translations, but Austenblog reports that there will be a new television series in the summer based on Pride and Prejudice, so that should tie in very well with your diary, Mandy!

Here's the quote: In the series, the tempestuous romance between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy will now take place between characters named Alona Sadeh and Nimrod Artzi, the latter recast as a high-tech worker rather than a stuffy landowner. The production will be scripted and directed by Irit Linor, who recently completed a new Hebrew translation of “Pride and Prejudice” and who previously translated Charles Dickens’s “Nicholas Nickleby.” Prime-time soap opera veteran Yael Hadar and stage and TV actor Dan Shapira will play the romantic leads.
From Austenblog