Thursday, January 15, 2009

Trilogy Covers at Last

I’m delighted to tell you that I now have the covers for all three of The Aikenhead Honours trilogy, to be published in March, April and May in USA/Canada and, in the UK, in June and July. I think they are just gorgeous. I hope you do, too.

His Cavalry Lady
Dominic Aikenhead, Duke of Calder, meets Alex, the Cavalry Lady — except that she appears to be a man, Captain Alexei Alexandrov! She has lost her heart to Dominic, but how can she ever show him what she feels? For years, she has served as a man, and no one has penetrated her disguise. Does she dare to risk everything by showing herself to Dominic as the passionate woman she really is? And how will he react if she does?

His Reluctant Mistress
Lord Leo Aikenhead, the second brother, is a renowned rake at whose feet many women have fallen. Not one of them has touched his heart. Then he meets the beautiful singer Sophie Pietre, who has absolutely no intention of succumbing to Leo, however much he pursues her. But in the midst of the dangers and intrigues of the Congress of Vienna, Sophie’s very life may depend on Leo’s aid. Will she be able to resist him then?

His Forbidden Liaison
Lord Jack Aikenhead, the youngest and wildest of the brothers, is an incorrigible gambler and playboy. He finally begins to discover what responsibility means when his spying expedition to France is caught up in Napoleon’s return from Elba. He knows he cannot fulfil his mission without the help of Marguerite Grolier, a spirited silk-weaver from Lyons, but she is forbidden to him. He must treat her as a sister, or forfeit his honour. Marguerite, however, is not bound in any way. And she has absolutely no intention of treating Jack like a brother!

I can't really decide if I have a favourite. What do you think? I admit there's a certain allure about those sexy silk stockings...



Anonymous said...

Oh, Cavalry Lady for me - Dominic is so gorgeous! but they are all lovely

Nicola Cornick said...

I like His Reluctant Mistress. Leo looks luscious! Mind you, the other two look pretty good as well and I agree with Louise that Dominic is gorgeous! Beautiful covers all round.

Jan Jones said...

No, no, I like His Forbidden Liaison! It's so DIFFERENT!

Anonymous said...

Which only goes to prove I was right when I said I couldn't decide!

Glad you all like them, though.


Monica Fairview said...

Yes, those silk stockings are brilliant!

sexy said...
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