Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Country Miss In Hanover Square

I am posting this on the options so I hope it works. I shall not be able to post on 23rd and I missed the last couple of posts. I just wanted to say that the first of the Hanover Square trilogy is out soon, and available on the internet but not yet in the shops. Each book has Hanover Square in the title, my publisher's idea. I hope it doesn't confuse readers because it could easily do so I think.

I have an ebook called Dark Ancient Queen coming through in the next month or so and the second in my Family Feud trilogy with Severn House is out now. It is this cover I will post, because it is rather attractive. This book will also come out in trade paperback, which is something that has pleased me. It makes the book a little more affordable and that is good news. My civil war trilogy came out in trade paperback but this is the first of the Severn House sagas to do so, though they may do the first book in the trilogy as well.

I am still writing hard, fingers crossed because I am waiting for news. I am now working on a second book in the big series I am writing and also catching up with proofs, revisions and some more HMB books to write. Sometimes I wonder when I'll get time to catch my breath.

I hope the forward option works for me. Best wishes, Linda/Anne Herries

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kate tremayne said...

Congratulations on so many successes. You inspire us all. I love the cover shown. Feuding Family trilogy sounds a must read and Dark Ancient Queen sounds intriguing. I loved the civil war trilogy. You never fail to give us a fabulous read.