Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Disgraceful Mr Ravenhurst

This month sees the fourth of my Those Scandalous Ravenhurst titles released in the UK - The Disgraceful Mr Ravenhurst. Black sheep of the family Theo is pursuing a career on the margins of the law chasing works of art and antiquities around Europe. His mother, the Bishop’s wife, tries to pretend he’s on the Grand Tour, but far from a solemn inspection of the great artistic sites of Europe, Theo is in hot pursuit of a frankly shocking piece of erotic antique silver - and so are a number of ruthless rivals.

His cousin Elinor, bluestocking, dowd and confirmed spinster, literally bumps into Theo in the basilica of Vezelay in Burgundy and finds her world turned upside down when she becomes entangled in Theo’s quest with almost murderous results.

If you have read the three previous Ravenhursts you will meet again the redoubtable Lady James, the Grand Duchess Eva, her son Freddie and last, but never least, her gorgeous husband Sebastian.

And an entire houseparty of Ravenhursts are required to sort out the quite disgraceful pickle their friends Sarah Tatton and Jonathan, the Earl of Redcliffe have got themselves into. Disrobed and Dishonoured is in May in the Historical Undone e-book series. (Be warned, this is a sizzler!)


Jan Jones said...

And a jolly good read it is too!

Carol Townend said...

I agree with Jan!