Friday, April 01, 2011

Austenesque extravaganza quiz

(Please ignore the date on this post. I was hoping to post the answers on my website but it's being updated and so I've had to improvise, removing an old blog post and using the space for the answers to the August 2011 quiz)

Here are the answers from the Austenesque quiz:

1) Darcy's Diary

2) Darcy's Diary (hardback) was renamed Mr Darcy's Diary for the paperback.

3) She gets married.

4) 1806

5) Henry Tilney's Diary

6) George Wickham

7) She is forced to marry his brother

8) Edmund Bertram

9) After

10) A Darcy Christmas

Thanks for taking the quiz. I hope you enjoyed it and that you have fun with the rest of Austenesque August!


Fenella J Miller said...

I'll make a point of visiting at least one of the blogs. I didn't know Sourceboks did novella length.

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