Saturday, July 27, 2013

New books from Anne Herries

His Unusual governess, a stand alone book has been on sale for a couple of months now, but in September there is a new Medieval - Promised to the Crusader,  Wonderful cover for this.  There is also a double book from Anne Herries and HMB - Debutante in the Regency Ballroom.  I'm not sure which books are featured in this one yet.  HMB do these different titles and I'm never sure which of my books is being published.  I know I have a Regency triology coming at the end of the year and into 1914 but I do not think any of the trilogy are in this book.  I shall enjoy discovering when it comes through.

I really love this cover though.

Date with a Regency Rake was recently in the top 100 at kindle.  It is a double book with Marguerite Kaye and was a reprint of The Rake's Rebellious Lady and Marguerite's book.  When Rake's Rebellious Lady came out the first time it went to number one for a while in a best seller list, I think M&B's but not sure.  I didn't look at the time.

I've done well over 60 books for M&B now and there are a few more in the pipeline apart from those I' ve mentioned.

Love to all my readers, Linda/Anne

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Melinda Hammond/Sarah Mallory said...

You are so prolific, Linda! And you are right, this is a lovely cover.
Thanks for posting.