Tuesday, June 03, 2014


Another Melinda Hammond romantic adventure is about to be e-published! 

A LADY AT MIDNIGHT is set in the 18th century, so a Georgian adventure this time: gorgeous, elaborate gowns, bewigged gentleman (although our hero is a "modern" man who wears his own hair), and much use made of fans, swords and pistols.  It features my favourite type of heroine – not the most beautiful woman in the room but one with wit, humour and strength of character. She is not looking for love and romance but finds it anyway, in the shape of the handsome Earl Rossleigh.  

When A LADY AT MIDNIGHTwas first published I was very pleased with its reception: the review from Romance Reader at Heart says -

"If you're a fan of books with prose written in the style of Jane Austen and the like, or a fan of writers from the U.K., then Melinda Hammond's A LADY AT MIDNIGHT is right up your alley….Ms. Hammond is definitely an author that has done her research and knows her period history."
Published originally in 2005 by Robert Hale, I am delighted to have the chance now to add a new cover and release it on Kindle as an e-book.

When Amelia Langridge accepts an invitation to stay in London as companion to the beautiful Camilla Strickland, her thoughts are merely to enjoy herself a little before settling down as the wife of the dull but dependable Edmund Crannock. 

Camilla's intention is to capture a rich and noble husband, and her mama is only too delighted to allow Amelia to remain quietly in the background. Then Camilla attracts the attention of the pleasure-loving Earl Rossleigh and it seems that she will realise her ambition, but the earl is intent on another, much more dangerous quarry, and it is the level-headed Amelia who finds herself caught up in the earl's tangled affairs...

A LADY AT MIDNIGHT will be e-published on Amazon very soon - look out for it!
(PS - If anyone would prefer the hardback version I have some available, so do please contact me.)

Melinda Hammond
DANCE FOR A DIAMOND - Robert Hale 2005, Kindle 2014

Sarah Mallory
AT  THE HIGHWAYMAN'S PLEASURE - Harlequin March 2014


Elizabeth Hawksley said...

Oooh, Melinda! I love the title; what fun it sounds. Amelia cannot possibly settle down with the dull but worthy Edmund Crannock - the name alone suggests a lifetime of boredom.

Melinda Hammond/Sarah Mallory said...

Thank you, Elizabeth, and you are quite right; she is far too lively. And the whole book was written around the title!