Thursday, April 26, 2007

From Jane Pollard

Hello everyone. Well, I finished writing Devil’s Prize, my 25th book, on Thursday of last week. The next four days were spent on a final read and edit (I do a rolling edit as I write) After I had printed and packed the manuscript and sent it off to my agent, I could feel myself slipping into post-book blues! On top of that I leaned into a cupboard to pick up a bag, and twisted my back. I hoped with gentle exercise, liberal applications of Ibuprofen gel and a hot water bottle it might soon right itself. It hasn’t, and I’m hobbling about looking as if I have a broom-handle instead of a spine. I’m seeing a chiropractor this afternoon, and hope that by the end of the session whatever is locked/strained/displaced will have been released, soothed and put back.

Still, before that happened I did manage to clean out the tip that my office resembled. Now it looks oddly bare and rather sad. What it needs is a new book. As soon as my back is fixed I’ll be raring to go. The first job will be to sort through the small mountain of research I've accumulated. Then I need to write a new outline incorporating additional information and ideas that have occurred since I wrote the original.

I can feel excitement stirring and that wonderful anticipation that always accompanies the plunge into a new adventure.

Meanwhile, I’m delighted to announce publication of the large print edition of Dangerous Waters, available from Amazon, or from your local library. I really like the cover picture, and hope you do too.


Melinda said...

Book 25 - well done Jane! I do hope your bad back does not stop you putting together your new idea - always an exciting time for a writer.

I like the cover, btw.

Anonymous said...

Well done! Wow, 25 books. you must be really proud.

Sorry to hear aboput your back - have you tried a TENS machine? Great pill free pain refief.

I like the cover too.

Historical Romance Author said...

Well done, Jane! Hope the book is a great success for you, Anne Herries

Anne Whitfield - author said...

Sorry you back is bad, Jane. Hope it's better soon!

Congratulations on book number 25!

bedstar said...

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