Monday, April 23, 2007


I'm so delighted to announce that today I heard that I'd sold my third novella to D C Thomson for My Weekly Story Collection. It's called ' The Reluctant Bride' and will be in the shops summer/autumn 2008. D C Thomson have negotiated a deal with Tesco and their lovely little books will be available there very soon.
This is my first 'new sale' of 2007 and this makes it all the more exciting. I've sold LP rights for 'The Return of Lord Rivenhall' and 'The Mesalliance' since January, but this is not quite as thrilling as a selling something totally new.
Fenella Miller


Anonymous said...

I am very happy for you re your sale. Well done.

Tesco is another matter though. Tesco and other supermarkets are squeezing the market for books so that independent bookshops keep going out of business.

Tesco usually negotiate an 80% reduction on the book price, so that the publishing houses are selling at a loss. This means that Publishing houses will only produce books that they know will sell large amounts. Good or bad???

Bad because they supermarkets are bullies. This is why there are so many celebrity books and misery memoirs.

I love historic romantic fiction, and I'd rather pay more knowing that Tesco are not dictating the market so that there is more diversity in the book industry.

Ooops sorry - have gone off on one. But I am dismayed at the supermarkets and especially Tesco (can you tell) ;0)

Historical Romance Author said...

Congratulations. Enjoy your success which is well earned after all your hard work.
Kate Tremayne

Melinda said...

Well done, Fenella. you are certainly busy!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Fenella. Selling a new books is always such a thrill. I hope it does well for you, Anne Herries

Historical Romance Author said...

I hadn't thought about the down side of the Tesco deal- I just thought it would be lovely to actually see something with my name on a shelf. Hale books don't get into bookshops.
D C Thomson are a small family run company and anything that keeps them viable is a good thing in my opinion - even if it does mean pandering to the all consuming retail giants like Tesco and Asda.

Anne Whitfield - author said...

Congratulations, Fenella