Friday, April 13, 2007

The RNA Luncheon and Romance Prize 2007

As the time gets nearer I think all my fellow authors on the short list must be getting very nervous. Last time I was short listed I went from apprehension to excitement. This time I do not expect to win having won only a few years back. For me being on the short list is a result and I am quite content for someone else to win this time.

I have to say I am hoping it will be a historical author. I am not being mean, because the modern authors do have more chances to win I think. It is a special year with three historical books on the list and so I shall unashamedly cheer for them. Historical books have been written off so often and refused to die, because readers love them so much. We have all been writing pieces for HH on the Harlequin site and they are interesting to read.

Michelle Styles put mine up for me because I wasn't sure whether I would be away. In the event something got in the way and I didn't get my holiday. Because of a health problem in the family we shall have to wait for June before we can fly, but everything is fine and so that does not matter.
I am posting Michelle's book as well as Nicola's and mine today even though they are not Regency, but I think everyone who visits this blog loves all kinds of historical books, even if Regency is their favourite.
Love to you all, Anne Herries

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Historical Romance Author said...

Good luck to all our nominated authors at the RNA Awards.
Kate Tremayne