Monday, April 30, 2007

Jane Austen Society

I had a wonderful day on Saturday. The Jane Austen Society kindly invited me to talk to them in London at St Saviour's Church. Those of you who know London will know that this is a stone's throw from Harrods, so I spent some time window shopping before going on to St Saviour's.

The church is very beautiful, and as soon as I saw it I thought, I wish I'd brought my camera. There are some pictures of it on the web, but they don't do it justice. Outside, the church is ornate, and inside, it has a modern, spacious feel.

I was met at the door by Jill, a very friendly Janeite, and we went upstairs to the meeting room. We could have taken the lift but in the end we took the stairs and went into an airy room where the AGM was just drawing to a close.

As soon as I went in I felt at home. A room full of Austen fans - how could I not fit in?!

I talked about my Austen retellings, and they were kind enough to listen avidly and laugh at my jokes. At the end we had a question and answer session, which led to some lively discussion, and then we went downstairs for tea.

All in all it was a very pleasurable way to spend the day - especially as I had time to pop into Harrods afterwards before making my way home.

Amanda Grange

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