Saturday, April 28, 2007

RNA Luncheon

Well, all the excitement of the RNA luncheon is over for another year. It was very excting and I enjoyed it a lot, because I met friends and editors. One of the new friends I have made this year because of my writing is Michelle Styles. Michelle writes for HMB but does Roman and early books. She is a lovely person and so was her daughter Katharine. I was disappointed that our own Nicola Cornick was not able to be there. All the short listed authors for the Romnace Prize had to stand up and be applauded and we all got the most exquisite white rose. It was real and smelled lovely, but looked almost too perfect to be true. I gave mine to my editor Linda Fildew, because the editors do so much and never get anything. As authors we get all the praise and fuss and our editors do so much for us!

A modern book called Marrying Max won by Nell Dixon. I was disappointed that a historical didn't win, though I was not expecting it for myself, as I've won before and was happy just to be on the list. I did have hopes for Nicola as she wrote such an excellent book, and it would have been exciting for Michelle as her daughter was there. However, not to be. On to the next one! The important thing was that we all had so much publicity out of it this year and that was down for the most part to Michelle!

For me it was an excellent day, mainly because of all the friends and editors I met and chatted to. Now I have to settle back to work. I have just finished writing the last of a four book contract for HMB and we talked about the next one briefly. I still have revisions to do on the last book, but I like to leave them while I work on something else and then go back with a fresh mind. Although Linda Fildew spoke of my doing some other periods, I do have at least another five Regencies in the line up so far.
Anne Herries

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Historical Romance Author said...

Delighted you had such a great day at the luncheon Linda. You entrall thousands of readers with your wonderful novels and inspire so many writers. When I started writing historicals for Mills & Boon in the late 80's I believed in learning from the experts and your novels were my inspiration then and I adore your latest ones now. Your talent, passion and enthusiasm continues to motivate writers today.
Kate Tremayne