Sunday, April 01, 2007

Loveday Intro Pt 5


The joy of the Jane Austen Season on the television must have been an inspiration to many writers. The beautiful settings and authenticity to detail vividly portrayed the period bringing it to life. I am sure PERSUASION tonight starring Sally Hawkins as the self-sacrificing Anne Elliott who is reunited with her lost love, the dashing Captain Wentworth, played by Rupert Penry-Jones will continue to captivate us all. It is the psychology and motivation behind all the characters depicted in Jane Austen’s novels that make us care so passionately for them.

Psychology and motivation are the guiding factors for my Loveday family novels. Their hot-blood may lead them to break with convention when driven by their motivation but allowing the reader to understand what drives them is the key to a plausible plot. THE LOVEDAY HONOUR deals with all aspects of honour. As Edward Loveday declares in the open sentence, ‘If a man does not have honour, he has nothing.’ The premise of the story was how each member of the family could uphold their honour when faced with their most serious challenge yet.

Japhet Loveday has been tried and convicted of highway robbery. His new wife, Gwen, is desperate to clear his name, but Japhet has made some powerful enemies and her efforts may not be enough to save him from the gallows. Edwards also faces a dilemma. His wife is still reeling from the shock arrival of his illegitimate daughter, Tamasine, and cannot bring herself to forgive him. Will Edward be forced to make a choice between his new-found daughter and his wife? Meanwhile Tamasine herself has fallen in love with Rupert Carlton, but when the truth of her parentage is revealed, it causes a vendetta between the two families that threatens to destroy their relationship. Will loyalty and honour eventually triumph? And at what cost to the family’s future?

Packed with passion and intrigue, THE LOVEDAY HONOUR – the fifth book in the Loveday series – has been reviewed as a compelling and entrancing read.

Kate Tremayne

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One of these days I want to read all of these books, Kate. I am intrigued by this series