Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Box of Books and a jpeg!!

Last night I did my talk to the W.I. I arrived at 7.15 pm to allow me time to set out my bits and pieces before the meeting started. I was on at eight! I had written out the whole talk and sat at the back reading it through, during the singing of Jerusalem and the reading of the minutes.
Then it was me!! I had dressed to impress- new long pink herringbone tweed skirt from Monsoon and shirt from Gap, cardigan from Primark which lowered the tone somewhat. I put my watch in front of me, I had 45 minutes plus to fill.
I found that I didn't need my speech, I rememeberred the gist and it went swimmingly. One lady fell asleep, quite early on which was a bit off putting and two ladies walked out,( I discovered later they had gone to put the kettle on), but I carried on and the remainder enjoyed it- at least they were smiling and laughing at my merry quips.Then a forest of arms began to wave - was I to have a mass exodus? I watched as coats were put on- it wasn't me, thank goodness, it was freezing at the back of the hall!
The organiser told me I should have charged double and I sold no books- but the good news is I enjoyed it and two other WIs have asked for details. I am going to be added to their list of offical speakers. Wow!!
I intended to show you my new cover for A Suitable Husband, which finally arrived in colour, but the jpeg is corrupted - so my PC tells me- and I'm not up to dealing with recalcitrant files at this time in the morning.
Fenella Miller

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