Friday, August 01, 2008

Another new image for the Loveday Series

This is the new image for the paperback book of THE LOVEDAY SECRETS due out in December. This is book nine of the series and the covers have certainly changed over the years to depict new trends in the publishing industry. Over half the books have had different hardback covers to those for the paperback. Some have been pictures of the Cornish landscape, other featured a woman's face imposed over a dramatic landscape. I have always been impressed by my covers and this one certainly follows the current mode and has managed to convey an element of secrecy into its format. I love the rich texture of the cloak and authenticity of her gown. Yet all the paperbacks have weathered the changes in publication fashion as all are currently available in print. For images of all the covers on the Lovedayday books blogspot click here
Kate Tremayne


Anonymous said...

Beautiful cover, Kate. Hope it will attract lots of new readers, but I am sure your existing fans buy for your name rather than the cover!


Anonymous said...

Jane said...
What a gorgeous cover, Kate. I second Melinda's comment that while the new cover may attract new readers - which can only be good - it is your name and reputation for writing gripping stories that keeps people coming back for more.