Tuesday, August 05, 2008


The July competition was to name the second story in my Aikenhead Honours trilogy.

The answer is: His Reluctant Mistress. The winner is Sherry Haut who will receive a signed copy of the first book of the trilogy, His Cavalry Lady. It will be in the post to you tomorrow, Sherry. Congratulations and I hope you enjoy the story.

For other readers in North America, I’m afraid the story won’t be published until the spring of next year, but UK readers can buy it at the beginning of September. In the meantime, you can read an extract on my website here. Or, if you’re really keen to get reading, the Mills & Boon website has it for sale in their shop here.

The Aikenhead Honours
Three gentlemen spies: bound by duty, undone by women!

Introducing three of England's most eligible bachelors:
Dominic, Leo and Jack, code-named Ace, King, Knave

Together they are
The Aikenhead Honours
A government-sponsored spying ring, they risk their lives, and hearts, to keep Regency England safe

Follow these three brothers on a dazzling journey through Europe and beyond as they serve their country and meet their brides, in often very surprising circumstances

'Ace', Dominic Aikenhead, Duke of Calder in
His Cavalry Lady (Sept 2008)
'King', and renowned rake, Lord Leo Aikenhead in
His Reluctant Mistress (2009)
'Knave', and incorrigible playboy, Lord Jack Aikenhead in
His Forbidden Liaison (2009)

Best wishes and happy reading

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