Friday, August 22, 2008

E-book competition

Just a quick note to let you all know that I am celebrating the release of my first original e-book, Moonshadows, with a competition on my website. Do take a look at

Moonshadows is a Georgian love-story overlaid with a contemporary romance, so only half of the book fits on this blog but I hope you will forgive me!

“Everything’s going wrong with my life - my boss wants to get me into bed, and I am being haunted by my ancestor’s three-hundred-year-old lover!”

Jez Skelton has two men in her life (three, if you count the Georgian nobleman who haunts her dreams). Piers Cordeaux is a rich, successful businessman and incredibly attractive. Harry Gillam is a young engineer, just making his way in the world. Piers has everything, Harry very little. Jez knows the choice between the two men is clear-cut: she is determined to remain loyal to Harry, but when he is sent abroad, Piers’ attentions become harder to resist. On top of all this, she learns about her eighteenth-century ancestor, Sarah Methven, whose story seems to run strangely parallel to her own. Can she avoid the same unhappy ending?

Melinda Hammond


Anonymous said...

Jane said...

What a hook line, Melinda! Definitely an intriguing and absorbing story.

Jan Jones said...

Sounds WONDERFUL, Melinda!