Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Edmund Bertram's Diary is out in paperback in the US!

I'm not actually going to blog about the Gothic in today's post, as I said I would, because I thought I'd blog about my two new releases instead! There's nothing I like better than having a new book out and this week there are two out at once.

Colonel Brandon's Diary is just out in hardback and Edmund Bertram's Diary is out this week in paperback.

Writing the diaries, I realised what a lot Henry Tilney and Edmund Bertram had in common. They are both younger sons with wastrels for older brothers and both are destined for the church - Jane Austen might not have talked about nature and nurture in so many words but her books explore the issue. But whereas Henry turns into a lighthearted witty young man, Edmund turns into someone far more serious, perhaps because he has to manage his father's estate whilst his father is abroad, whereas Henry never has that kind of responsibility.

I really enjoyed writing Edmund Bertam's Diary. I know that a lot of people aren't all that keen on Mansfield Park but I hope they'll give Edmund's diary a try. A lot of the exciting incidents in Mansfield Park happen off the page because they concern Edmund and not Fanny, but they occur on the page in Edmund's diary. It's Edmund who falls in love with Mary Crawford; Edmund who accompanies his father to London to try and find Maria when she elopes; Edmund who brings Tom home when he's seriously ill. And it's Edmund who has the biggest journey to make as he wrestles with first love, responsibility, his difficult family and his feelings for Fanny.

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Amanda Grange


Anonymous said...

You wait for ever to get a book published, then two come along at once! Congratulations, Amanda, I hope they both do very well for you.


Anonymous said...

Oh geez, I can't wait for this one -- MP is my third favorite book, and we know Fanny's in love with Edmund, but I'm just dying to see something from his point of view, showing how and when he finally got over Mary! :) That's my only problem with MP - Jane just ended it too soon! LOL


Brit Lit Tour Meeting said...

Amanda Grange-
I just finished reading your book, Mr. Knightley's Diary and I enjoyed it so very much! I loved to see how it wove perfectly with Emma, which I also just finished reading for a Language Arts class I'm taking this year in school. I'm sure all your books have this weaving quality I like so much in them and I plan to read them also.