Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Mr Darcy Gift Set

I'm taking a break from Henry Tilney's Diary to tell you about The Mr Darcy Gift Set, available from the Jane Austen Centre in Bath.

The set contains:
- Mr. Darcy's Diary by Amanda Grange - allow him to tell you how ardently he admires and loves her.
- Mr Darcy Bookmark - Our favourite and best-selling Darcy item
- Mr Darcy Magnet - with Pride and Prejudice quotation
- Mr Darcy Keyring - So he will be with you wherever you go.
- Mr Darcy Luxury Writting set - Scribe as the mistress of Pemberly
- Mr Darcy Portrait Postcard

I was really excited to see that Mr Darcy's Diary was a part of the set and I hope it brightens up a lot of stockings this Christmas. What better present for the Darcy fan in your life!

Amanda Grange


Jan Jones said...

Fabulous, Amanda!

(Having a small swoon moment at the thought of finding Mr Darcy in my Christmas stocking)

Jane Odiwe said...

A collection guaranteed to make any girl drool!

kate tremayne said...

Fabulous news Amanda. This is a wonderful collection to compliment your fantastic book. A must for all fans for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I have the keychain and the magnet from when I went there in April, haha. So cool that they put Mr. Darcy's Diary as a part of it! Congrats, Amanda!

Historical Romance Author said...

I hope your sales reach the skies now; this book deserves to be bought by millions.