Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Rake's Rebellious Lady

This is my new book with Mills & Boon. Published in paperback in December. I am about to sign a new contract with M&B, which will take me up to fifty books. I find it hard to believe that I shall soon acheive something I would once have thought impossible.

I continue to write sagas as well as historical and my total list, including ebooks, is now over one hundred books published. Wow!

I was interested in the post about Mr Darcy. It seems that the appeal of the Regency continues to strengthen. I wonder why. It can't be just the clothes - can it? I admit those tight trousers have something to do with it.

I shall soon have a new contest on my website because I have copies of The Rake's Rebellious Lady to give away. LOL Linda/Anne


Anonymous said...

Linda - congratulations!!! I hope you are planning a huge celebration when you get to the big 5 - 0. Well done and I look forward to hreading The Rake's REbeillious Lady.

Melinda Hammond

Linda Banche said...

We can never have too many Regencies. Another book to look forward to.

Linda Sole said...

Regencies are the staple food of many M&B readers but I have been asked to do a book similar to the very successful Captive of The Harem. So look out for that in a year or so!

Thanks for the comments, Linda/Anne

Jane Odiwe said...

Wow-I am in awe of your 50 books, what an amazing achievement. Congratulations!