Friday, May 15, 2009

Busy, Busy

I’m a bit late with my blog this month. I’ve been in London all week, doing research, meeting my editor to discuss what I’m going to write next, and attending the RNA AGM and summer party. The party was great, as ever, and a wonderful opportunity to catch up with old writing friends, plus agents and editors. The Joan Hessayon Award was presented to a very worthy winner, Allie Spencer, for Tug of Love, though sadly Dr Dave Hessayon wasn’t well enough to attend. We all raised a glass to him and hope he is better very soon.

We also saw cover flats of the forthcoming RNA short story anthology, Loves Me, Loves Me Not, which will be out in hardback in the autumn and in paperback next year, the RNA's 50th anniversary.

For Regency fans, there are quite a few Regency stories, by authors including Louise Allen, Elizabeth Bailey, Nicola Cornick, Amanda Grange, and (I’m proud to say) me.

The cover jpeg here doesn’t do it justice — it’s really a beautiful gold, with foil decoration.

Then, this morning, when I was just about to start on the blog, the postman arrived, bearing a box of hardback books. At last, I get a chance to see the UK cover of the third book in The Aikenhead Honours trilogy, His Forbidden Liaison.

I had assumed the UK cover would be the same as the US one, focusing on the sexy legs in stockings. In fact, the UK book uses the inside cover from the US edition, so you get a chance to see what hero and heroine look like, plus a fair sample of sexy stocking as well. I hope you like it as much as I do.

The hardback is out in June. The UK paperback will be out in September. (In the meantime, the paperback of book 2 of the trilogy, His Reluctant Mistress, is out in the UK next month.)

Touch the past, taste the passion


Carol Townend said...

Hello Joanna,
It was good to see you at the party. Both your covers for His Forbidden Liaison are great! I wonder why they are not the same though wherever they come out, do you know? Am also looking forward to reading the anthology...
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol

I fancy the sexy legs cover wouldn't have fitted within the two purple swooshes of the UK cover and that's why they used the inside cover. But that's only my guess. Authors, as you know, don't find out till afterwards! And, since I didn't see the UK cover till today, I haven't had time to ask about it.

But I get two lovely covers instead of one, so I'm not complaining.

Jan Jones said...


Oh well, at least I had the splendid His Reluctant Mistress early to make up for it. (Go buy it! You won't regret it!)

But two nice covers for the same book, Joanna? That's just greedy.

Louise Allen said...

Lovely cover - I do like the pale yellow colour in that series. Bare sexy legs seems to be the new trend in covers at the moment. For anyone who hasn't got started on this series - get your hands on them - gorgeous heroes!