Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Geffrye Museum

Tucked away near Shoreditch is the Geffrye Museum. It doesn't look like a museum from the outside, it looks like a long, graceful Georgian almshouse set in a pleasant garden - which is what it used to be.

Today, it is a lively, vibrant space housing interiors-through-the-ages. You walk from a hall in 1630

past a drawing room in 1830 right up to rooms on the more recent past. It is fascinating to see how tastes change - and how growing affluence is reflected in the furnishings.

There is more to the museum than just a collection of rooms, however - small gardens outside also reflect the changing times with different plantings and different designs.

Fascinating - well worth a visit.

Jan Jones


Melinda Hammond said...

Thanks Jan, I will look out for this one. It is amazing how many little gems are hidden away - finding them is such a delight.

Jan Jones said...

It's a lovely place. Somewhere to walk slowly through and absorb.