Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A celebration.

I'm celebrating because at last, finally, all the books in my Company of Rogues Regency series are available for e-readers! They've lagged behind because of rights confusion, but now people can read the whole series without difficulty.

This definitely hasn't always been the case, because the first book came out in 1990, in the bad old days when we sometimes couldn't find books in a series, or not without paying horrible prices. Isn't progress wonderful? Now, with people already reading through the 15 books at a fast clip, they're enjoying an interesting experience, because the books cover only three years, 1814 to 1817. However, they're catching some of my continuity errors. I do try to keep track of everything, but 15 books, over 23 publishing years, and 36 writing years, as I wrote the first in 1977....

I've made a video to celebrate. You can see it here. video

Many of the books have won awards, and Unwilling Bride winning a RITA helped me become a member of the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame for Regency.  Some of my poor Rogues have been shot, stabbed,addicted to opium and made into sexual playthings, but by the end of the series story arc, they can all gather to celebrate triumph in the end.

Do you remember series where you had a terrible time to find all the books?

Which was the most frustrating? Are you finding all your favourites available for e-book now?




Julie B. said...

Jo, funnily enough An Unwilling Bride was the first book of yours I read and I've been a fan ever since!

I think it's great that so many out of print books are being republished on Kindle and ready to be downloaded. The only problem is finding the time to reading the mammoth reading pile of physical books and the equally huge pile of ebooks waiting for me on my Kindle!

Jo Beverley said...

So true about even more books to read these days, Julie. Thanks for commenting to say you liked UB so much.


Helena said...

Wow, 36 writing years!! I think I was lucky in discovering you late, so I could get all the books and read them all at once, in order. I much prefer to do that rather than having to wait while new ones are published. Thanks to ebooks, more people will find it easier to do this.

Jo Beverley said...

Helena,that's true, that people can read through the whole series now. Fun times!