Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hi from Anne Herries and Linda Sole

Hi.  It is ages since I've been able to pop in to update you on my books.  I have been very busy writing under a new name.  I'm now doing mainstream sagas for Ebury.  My first is The Downstairs Maid/Rosie Clarke and will be published next years - others to follow.

On the Anne Herries front there is a new Regency Trilogy coming in December and following on in the new year.  The first is Drawn To Lord Ravenscar.  Then Protected by the Major and a third title later.

I have also written a Regeny novella - Regency Rakes/ A Bride For the wicked Earl/Linda Sole.

I am enjoying writint but have been very busy on the personal front as well, so sorry for not posting for a while.

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Helena said...

Hi Anne - good to see you back! Amazon is showing Courted by the Captain as Book 1 in the Officers and Gentlemen series, due 1st December 2013. Protected by the Major is shown as Book 2 (1 Jan 2014). Drawn to Lord Ravenscar isn't identified as being part of the series and it isn't due for publication until 7th February 2014.

Thought you'd better know in case M&B/Amazon have got it wrong!