Wednesday, June 03, 2015


These days there are so many good books to be read, but just in case you haven't enough to pack in your holiday suitcase, here are a few more you might like to add…

With the Waterloo Bicentenary looming Annie Burrows, Louise Allen and I having been talking a lot about Randall's Rogues, the men at the centre of the Brides of Waterloo trilogy, published by Harlequin Historical.

We decided to use an artillery unit for the basis of our three books, but a unit made up of artillerymen who were too rough and ill-disciplined to fit in elsewhere. They have been turned into a crack team by their commander, Colonel Lord Randall, with the help of Majors Tom Bartlett and Adam Flint. 

They are all rogues (except, perhaps Lord Randall, who is a serious, no-nonsense career soldier) but our three heroes are all redeemed by the love of the right woman. Randall meets his match in the independent, free-thinking Mary Endacott, Tom Bartlett is tamed by Randall's sister Sarah while Flint, perhaps the stoniest of all the rogues, finds his heart melting once he encounters the beautiful Rose.

We are all delighted with the reception these three books have received, all of them earning 4* reviews in Romantic Times and I was honoured to be able to launch the trilogy at Westminster City Archives during their special Waterloo commemoration event.  The first two books, A LADY FOR LORD RANDALL and A MISTRESS FOR MAJOR BARTLETT are out now, and the last in the trilogy, A ROSE FOR MAJOR FLINT, will be published in July.

And an added treat for those who enjoy Regencies is a second Regency Quintet, the Summer edition, which is an anthology of novels by Fenella J Miller, Liz Bailey, Amanda Grange, Monica Fairview and myself (writing as Melinda Hammond).

My contribution to this quintet is GENTLEMEN IN QUESTION, a romantic adventure set in 1792: 

The terror of the French Revolution forces Camille, the young Comte du Vivière, to flee his homeland and seek refuge with his relatives in England. For Madeleine, the arrival of her handsome French cousin marks a change in her so far uneventful existence and brings her into contact with the enigmatic Beau Hauxwell. Soon she finds herself caught up in a dangerous web of intrigue involving both gentlemen, but which one is the villain?

This special compendium is only available on Kindle, from and

So I hope there is something in this mix to take your fancy. I am off to enjoy the re-enactments and events taking place at Waterloo itself in mid- June, and will report back, hopefully with pictures!

Happy Reading

Sarah Mallory / Melinda Hammond

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