Saturday, January 07, 2006

New in 2006

This week I had a lovely surprise when the cover of my new Regency, Deceived, arrived in the post. Here it is – and I think it is beautiful!

Deceived tells the tale of the scandalous Princess Isabella di Cassilis, who jilted her fiancé, Marcus Stockhaven, at the altar. Now Isabella is penniless and about to be arrested for debt, and Marcus is the only one who can help her. But is Marcus acting out of sympathy for Isabella’s plight or is he planning a long-delayed revenge…

Deceived is my first mainstream Regency historical for HQN books. It was the runner up in the RNA Elizabeth Goudge Trophy Contest in 2005 under the title An Immodest Proposal, and it will be published by HQN in July 2006. I hope you like it!

Best wishes for a very happy 2006!



Anonymous said...

Nicola, is it a trend that you're going to get things published first with Harlequin? I know that happened with the anthology story about Sebastian. Will the stories eventually be published by Mills & Boon too?

Congratulations anyway, and you've got a good cover (hope it has something to do with the story - I've noticed that sometimes the covers don't!).

Nicola Cornick said...

Hi Laura

Yes, I now write directly for HQN in the States. In some ways this is good for me because it means I can write longer, mainstream Regencies that stay on the shelves. On the other hand it's very bad because HQN are completely separate from Mills and Boon even thought they are both part of Harlequin and at the moment there's no date for my books to come out in the UK. They can be bought from Amazon and direct from the Harlequin website and I think the strangest thing will be to see them imported by Borders! But I'm nagging away at my editor to sort out UK publication dates. It's really important to me that the books are available here.

As for the cover, the heroine doesn't have red hair but she does take her dress off every so often!! That's about as accurate as it gets!


Anonymous said...

Marvellous cover, Nicola! I cannot wait to read it. I am sure it is as fabulous as your other books!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Nicola, what a cover!!!

(The hair colour is probably just a trick of the light)

Tess said...

Great cover, Nicola!!! Looking forward to the book :-)

Gabriele Campbell said...

That's a very pretty cover.

I think you'll escape the Smart Bitches with that one. ;-)